Letter from Keiko Kono: How the NC Japan Center Inspired Me

In May of 2020, the NC Japan Center hosted an online informational webinar for our Japanese community, focused on US health insurance / Medicare. Our guest speaker for that event was Keiko Kono, an expert in this field with over 30 years experience, and the webinar was a great success. We were so pleased to hear from Kono-san recently, who told us that the webinar led to other similar engagements, and inspired her to start her own business (Kono & Associates, LLC), offering her expertise to Japanese nationals navigating US health insurance.
You can see Kono-san’s letter to us, below (in English and Japanese). Thank you so much, Kono-san!

Kono Associates NC Japan Center 2021

Kono Associates NC日本センター2021年

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