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Dr. Reina Shimizu: NCJC Online Workshop (6/23/22: 2-3:30PM): “Invisible but beneficial…microbes for food safety and health”

Is it safe to eat fresh produce? In recent years, there’s been a global response toward pursuing environmental protection and sustainable agriculture. This includes the safe use of pesticides. As a part of promoting innovation to reduce environmental load efforts, microbial pesticides have been spot-lighted for their pest control traits. Through this seminar, Dr. Shimizu will introduce the invisible but beneficial functions microbes provide for food safety and health, and along the way establish a general understanding of our gut microbial flora.
*This seminar will be held in Japanese.

Guest Speaker: Rena Shimizu, PhD

Dr. Shimizu studied at Oregon State University as a visiting scholar during her graduate studies at Okayama University. After receiving her PhD in the field of Plant Biology, she undertook postdoctoral research work at Cornell University.
At a startup company, Instantlabs, she contributed to the launch of a new blue crab detection kit, and then worked as an R&D project manager at Calpis America, Inc. for their probiotics product in livestock animal feeds. She then was employed at NU Tech to promote technology transfer, and she now works at K-I Chemical USA, Inc. as a registration manager.

Date: June 23, 2022 (Thursday) 2:00 – 3:30PM
Platform: Zoom (online)
Fee: Free

Language: Japanese
Registration: Please contact Reiko Chosokabe by
( and send your name, occupation,
e-mail address, phone number, and any questions you’d like asked to Dr. Shimizu.