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Academic Activities

Academic activities include:

  • Support for the Japanese language program at NCSU, the largest such program in the Southeast; salaries for teaching assistants, office resources, scholarships for students, and professional travel for faculty.

  • Scholarships for North Carolina students to study in Japan: direct scholarships, travel grants for interns, assistance for attendees of the annual "Japan-American Student Conference," and access to Japanese funds through exchange programs that the NC Japan Center develops and coordinates. The primary beneficiaries are NCSU students (since 1996 we helped over 100 of them study in Japan), but recipients have come from UNC-Wilmington, ECU, UNC-Chapel Hill, UNC-Greensboro, Campbell University, Duke University, and Wake Forest University.

  • Scholarships for Japanese students to study at NCSU. This primarily takes the form of tuition scholarships to attend the Summer Institute in English Language.

  • Pre-college teacher training workshops which introduce North Carolina teachers to themes and resources for teaching about East Asia in general and Japan in particular.

  • Development of educational resources include the videotape programs Living in 21st Century Japan and Japan-North Carolina Connections.

  • Circulating print, electronic media, and artifact materials for instructional use in K-12 schools, including our Japan in a Box collection.

  • Presentations at school visits and hosting visits by Japanese language classes.

  • Promoting awareness of Japan-related issues, and study and work related opportunities among students and faculty at North Carolina colleges and universities.

  • Working through seven regional chapters based at other North Carolina colleges and universities to provide local sources of information about Japan.

  • Facilitating internationalization through its collaborations with partner institutions in Japan, such as Nagoya University, and by hosting conferences such as the Academic Consortium 21 Forum, held on campus in July 2008.

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