US-Japan Council

Hawai’i Contemporary: Using Art to Explore Social (in)Justice
The USJC Hawaii Region presents “Hawai’i Contemporary: Using Art to Explore Social (in)Justice.” Art inspires people to connect, explore new ideas, and address pressing social issues. With the recent rise in Anti-Asian hate crimes, several have turned to creative outlets, such as art, to express their reaction in a safe space. Please join us as we have Taiji Terasaki, a Japanese American artist based on Honolulu, Hawaii, alongside Isabella Hughes, Board Chair of Hawai’i Contemporary, and Katherine Don, Executive Director of Hawai’i Contemporary, engage in an informative and enlightening discussion on how art is used to explore social (in)justice. They will also share and highlight the Hawai’i Triennial that will be launching in 2022.

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