July 28, 2019: George Takei (Author: THEY CALLED US ENEMY)

The NC Japan Center had the distinct honor of interviewing Mr. George Takei. George is a celebrated actor and author, social media icon, activist, and someone with firsthand experience of a dark chapter in American history; George and his family were among the 120,000 Japanese Americans relocated and imprisoned by the U.S. government, during World War II. This is the subject of our interview. Please make sure you set the video resolution to “1080p HD” by clicking the settings “gear” icon in the lower right-hand corner.

Table of Contents

  • Japanese American Internment / Executive Order 9066: (1:00)
  • Santa Anita Racetrack: (5:07)
  • Carrying Shame / Conversations with Daddy: (10:02)
  • Aldai Stevenson for President / A Special Guest: (14:05)
  • “Gaman:” (17:05)
  • Takekuma Norman Takei: (19:40)
  • “Loyalty Questionnaire:” (21:43)
  • Transfer to Tule Lake: (26:12)
  • Release from Tule Lake / Rebuilding a Life: (27:36)
  • Civil Liberties Act of 1988 / the 442nd Infantry Regiment: (31:01)
  • A People’s Democracy: (34:57)
  • Four Ways to Participate / Closing Thoughts: (37:12)