Self-Study Resources / 休校中の無料公開サービス

1.) Genki Self-Study Room:

“Resource Library,” useful for specific training exercises:

Application-based tools for those studying from Genki:

2.) Genki Study Resources:

This is a great study platform, comprised of exercises to accompany Genki I and II textbooks. The page is hosted by GitHub and the study content was developed independently by Seth Clydesdale. If you utilize these resources and enjoy the content, please consider donating to them HERE!

3.) WaniKani:

Made by the team at Tofugu, the “WaniKani” application is a new, efficient way of learning kanji!
Link to WaniKani:
Tofugu also has a bunch of great online tools for remote learning:

4.) Team Japanese:

This page has a number of both free and low-cost online study options:

5.) Crunchy Nihongo Stories:

This site has a lot of materials ranging from beginning to advanced. It has some traditional and non-traditional stories and is for reading and listening. In the past, some students have asked for short story books to read, and this is a good site if you don’t have physical books.

6.) NHK Web Easy News Articles:

Reading practice on current news and events.

7.) “Nihongo no Mori” (Video Series):

This is a great online video series that focuses on Japanese language concepts (especially grammar).

8.) “Folktale Room” (民話の部屋):

This is a site that features Japanese fairy-tales (in Japanese).

9.) “Minna No Nihongo” (“Japanese for Everyone”):
Free from April 9th – May 31st, 2020!!

10.) Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Kansai: Various FREE Online Tools!

KANJI Memory Hint: App-based kanji memorization tool!

HIRAGANA/KATAKANA Memory Hint: App-based hiragana/katakana memorization tool!

Japanese in Anime & Manga: Website which has a great learning platform for Japanese language study through showing expressions, etc., through anime and manga!

“Hirogaru” – More about Japanese and Japan: Various topics (5,000 of them) to explore and learn more Japanese! Designed to be viewed on a smartphone.

11.) JLPT Official Practice Workbooks:
For those of you who want to stay current on your JLPT (Japanese-Language Placement Test) preparation, the Japan Foundation has set up a page where you can view their official practice workbooks:
(Japanese page):
(English page):