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UC San Diego / Japan Forum for Innovation & Technology

Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Change Management in Japan

Topic Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Change Management in Japan Description What is the current situation of innovation, entrepreneurship, venture capital and corporate renewal in Japan? Why is it so difficult for large Japanese companies to adjust to technology shifts, and why are companies such as Sony or Panasonic struggling to remain globally competitive? Gen Isayama is one of Japan’s foremost venture capitalist, innovation leader and large company change consultant. He works with many startups as well as large-firm CEOs in Japan and Silicon Valley, and will share his insights of what it takes to manage innovation and change in Japanese companies. Speakers: • Gen Isayama, Co-Founder and CEO, WiL: World Innovation Lab • Ulrike Schaede, Professor and JFIT, GPS UC San Diego —————— This Japan Forum for Innovation and Technology (JFIT) webinar series brings together new insights, knowledge and opinions on current events in Japan. Experts from around the globe are invited as speakers and contributors, with the goal to create a vibrant exchange and deepen our understanding of Japan’s role in the world. Learn more at