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Japan Society of Northern California

Nakamura Hashigo and the new face of Kabuki in the 21st Century

Curious about Kabuki but a little overwhelmed about where to begin? Planning to go to Japan, whenever that may be, and want to learn a little more about the culture before you go? Interested in finding out more about Japan and Japanese culture? This program is for you! Join this Kabuki “crash-course” and hear about the history and cultural significance and continuing evolution of this traditional art form. You can also hear from rising Kabuki actor Hashigo Nakamura as he shares his experience, explains why Kabuki remains relevant to modern Japan, demonstrates Kabuki makeup application, and gives a brief performance! Whether you’re completely new to the art of Kabuki or a long-time fan this program is a great opportunity of people of all ages to learn about this classic art-form. Families and children are welcomed! We hope to see you there!