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Adapting U.S. Business for the Japanese Market – Including Strategies for both Domino’s and Wendy’s in Japan

About the Event Mr. Higa will talk about how he introduced various businesses from the U.S. to Japan, including Domino’s Pizza and Wendy’s return. He has a bi-cultural background, being a third generation Nikkei American from Hawaii, and having lived in Japan for many years. Mr. Higa has a unique insight as both an insider and outsider on the Japanese market. About the Speaker Mr. Ernest M. Higa is Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer of Higa Industries Co., Ltd., Chief Executive Officer of Wendy’s Japan K.K. and Chairman and Representative Director of First Kitchen Ltd. He received his MBA from Columbia University and his Bachelors of Science from the Wharton School of Finance and Commerce, University of Pennsylvania.