How a Long-Lost Soldier’s Survival Story Riveted—and Confounded—’70s Japan

(Keystone/Getty Images)

Stephen R. Kelly, a research scholar at Duke University’s Sanford School of Public Policy (and current Japanese language student at the NCJC!), is researching the fascinating story of Shoichi Yokoi, a Japanese Imperial soldier who was discovered in the jungles of Guam 28 years after Japan’s surrender in WWII.Check out the excellent online article he wrote for , drawing on that research, via the link below:…/shoichi-yokoi-japan-guam-survival…

Check out Stephen R. Kelly’s page at Duke University here:

A big shout-out to Ms. Yoko Amano – President of Realty Triangle/HR Best Solution and an NC Japan Center Board Member, for assisting Stephen with Japanese translations in his research!